Monday, October 11, 2010

Dictee readings for Wednesday (10/13)

The end of Dictee is challenging, so I thought it might help to guide our discussion on Wednesday with some critical perspectives on the book.  I've broken you up into groups to look at the following articles:

Layla, Alex, Diane, Cat, Bonnie, Leroy

David, Krista, Brian, Matti, Stephanie, Ben

Sally, Bianca, Nicole, Donnovan, Joyce, Sang

Lauren, Cassie, Patrick, Margaret, Dan, Phillip

Hopefully, you've already gotten an email, but here are the baseline instructions for Wednesday's class:

I'd like you to look over the attached article for Wednesday's class (sorry for the size).  I'd like you to be able to summarize the argument of the piece, and points us to any important claims/points that the piece addresses.  In particular, what does the article assume and what new information or context does it need to invoke to makes its point(s) about Dictee?  Finally, what is the overall impression of the book; based on this article, do we have a sense of what this book is for, or why it operates the way it does?

You don't need to prepare much other than your notes, but your fellow students will have other articles, so we will be comparing how other critics take up Dictee.

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