Monday, October 18, 2010

Suggestion of Norma's Flashback / Suggested themes

(TYPO ON PG 101??????)

With what was mentioned in class--the possibility that the part about the young girl getting run over by the bread delivery track could be a flashback of Norma/Roy's--I'm thinking that Rawle's presentation does in fact serve as a possible story of origin for Norma's behavior. But, I wanted to mention that Rawle's movement into the presentation of the event (suddenly and out of nowhere), creates an aspect of Norma's inability to maybe forget this event (whether it's truly significant to her past or not).

The exit from Norma's "flashback" does a fine job in continuing the action of the flashback. The boy is apparently up in a tree hiding, and when Mary (or the mother of Norma/Roy) calls to Norma, it's presented in a way that could possibly trick the reader (Mary asks, "What are you doing up there?"). This adds to effect of surprise Norma most likely was experiencing snapping out of the flashback. It may suggest that Norma is the boy in the tree, which ultimately creates the idea that Norma/Roy could have possibly been in the incident she is thinking about.

(After the new reading, I was feeling the incident w/ the accident w/the little girl was about to occur during Roy's escape from the bra theft. Don't forget the bra is in the glove compartment, Roy!! lol)

I'm beginning to truly feel for the main character. I'm feeling sympathy towards Norma/Roy and her mom. Though Norma wishes to be herself, it's evident that her mother is affected greatly by 'Norma' ("Norma" possibly suggesting an spin on the word "normal" creating irony with Roy's abnormal behavior, just a thought). Roy makes Mary happy, and the disappointment/resentment of Norma is evident from her mother throughout the past two readings.

The switch to Roy creates a surge of positiveness in his life. The green light found at Mr. White's presents a theme of acceptance of the 'true' Roy. He receives the green light from the different secretary (which he never got as Norma due to her personality's impatience). Also, the secretary becomes a major factor in Roy's life when they begin to flirt which of course would not occur had he been Norma. He also gets the job, which creates 3 positive events all focussed around this "green light." Roy is approved in many aspects due to his switch to himself (even later by Mary who's attitude completely changes due to Roy's success at Mr. Whites). He essentially receives the "green light" when he is Roy.

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